Legal notice

The website for the Special Urban Plan for Tourist Accommodation (PEUAT), by Barcelona City Council has the aim of providing all relative information for tourist accommodation establishments. This urban instrument is designed to organise and regulate tourist accommodation in the city and guarantee citizens’ basic rights.

1. The information that is posted on this website is valid at the time of its publication and updated as quickly as possible.

Any information published on the website which has been provided by third parties is the responsibility of the person or entity which supplied it.
Barcelona City Council will see to it that the suppliers of such information ensure its updating and compliance with current regulations.

It is the City Council's aim to ensure that the information published is complete, truthful, accurate, useful and accessible and that it meets the quality standards set out under current legislation.

2. Allows access to information, regardless of which technology users opt to use, particularly via technology based on open standards.

3. Guarantees security and the protection of personal data.

Under personal data protection regulations, Barcelona City Council guarantees the confidentiality of personal data that may be obtained through forms or other means for the purposes of providing a service.

4. Follows a cookies policy that respects privacy.

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5. Allows and promotes the reuse of information provided, within the framework of this legal notice and current legislation.

Barcelona City Council allows the reuse of all data and information published on this website under the following conditions, unless otherwise stated:

- No alterations to information content.
- No manipulation of the meaning of the information.
- Cite the source of the information.
- Show when the information was last updated.
- Not to imply that City Council sponsors or supports the activity the information is being reused for.

In all cases, the possibility of reusing information is limited by the necessary protection of other rights, assets or interests in accordance with what is set out by current legislation. In particular, any reuse whatsoever of the information contained in this website must safeguard the protection provided under intellectual and industrial property law and the protection provided under personal data law. More specifically, the reuse of works and services protected under intellectual property law remains subject to the terms and conditions of the intellectual property licence established in each case. (See the section on “Intellectual and Industrial Property”.) Works and services may not be reused where it is stated that their intellectual property rights are reserved.

6. Protects intellectual or industrial property rights and promotes open licences

Barcelona City Council is the holder or assigned user of the intellectual property rights to the works and services that come under this website. That includes graphic design and the software for this website, as well as the texts, images and registries it contains.
The City Council promotes the reuse of information under the terms and conditions established in the preceding section.
Anyone who considers this website or its content infringes any intellectual or industrial property right, must notify City Council indicating their name, ownership rights (supplying corresponding proof or accreditation) and the object of the right supposedly infringed.

7. Is present on different social media and platforms

City Council is present on various social media and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Issuu. When you access any of these or other social networks, note that the user terms and conditions which apply are the ones established for each platform and are not determined by City Council.

8. Adapts to the current legal framework relating to the responsibility of content.

The City Council assumes responsibility, in accordance with current legislation, for any content on this website that has been prepared by the Council itself. As regards content supplied by users and third parties, the City Council shall be exempted from any responsibility, as provided for under Articles 13 and 17 of Spain's Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and e-Commerce services. The City Council shall also be exempted in particular from any responsibility for any linked content, as provided for under Article 17 of that same Act.

The City Council shall not be held responsible for any improper use that users may make of the website's content. Nor shall the City Council be responsible for any problems that may arise in accessing the portal or any malfunctioning due to causes outside its control.

Barcelona, 27 January 2017