Municipal Byelaw

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Educational measures and services that benefit the community to replace fines for infringement of municipal byelaws

These are educational programmes, activities or useful public-utility and social-interest services that an individual undergoes, instead of paying a fine, where they have violated a municipal byelaw.

Educational measures or services that benefit the community are an alternative to fines.

  • They are more effective when it comes to assuming responsibility for an offence.
  • Cheaper for taxpayers.
  • More guarantees of compliance with the sanction.
  • With the community participation and involvement.

It consists of unpaid work, training programmes and a personal-development plan that have to be of public use or social interest or benefit the community. In any event, they are activities that do not replace a job or interfere with family responsibilities, work commitments or compulsory-education processes.

The type of measure and time dedicated to it are decided by opportunity and proportionality criteria for the fine, under Article 28 of the sanctioning procedure's regulating byelaw and the decision of the Mayor's Office approving the arrangement and series of alternative measures to fines, the procedure for agreeing them and the determining criteria for adopting them (BOPB. February 2014).