Barcelona in the world

The international policy of the City Council is aligned with its priority actions

In a mostly urban world, the cities are key pieces for guaranteeing social equality, sustainable development and economic progress.  They contribute to the globalisation of the economy and to promoting excellence through innovation, but also highlight the grave inequalities which are intrinsically linked to globalisation.

And it is precisely in the cities, which mirror the social and economic reality, where the major drivers can be found for tackling the challenges and inequalities that our world faces for the 21st century.

Barcelona is a city open to the world.  Both due to its historical tradition, as well as its political will and for the boosting of the extensive social fabric that it comprises, our city makes its exterior projection one of the main features of its identity. 

This website aims to make known the activity carried out by the Department of International Services and Relations and the Department of Cooperation, Solidarity and Peace.

Both municipal departments contribute, through absolutely complementary approaches, to working on fostering a Mediterranean and European city, based on solidarity, and at the same time, global.