We are looking for professional illustrators to create Sala Ciutat's next Altell Il·lustrat.

Sala Ciutat’s Altell Il·lustrat is a space for large-format graphic presentations created by several illustrators, with Barcelona as their central theme. The Altell changes its look twice a year, around Sant Jordi (St George's day) and the annual saint’s-day festival of La Mercè. Up to now it has been the illustrators María Corte, Joan Negrescolor, Gina Thorstensen and Miguel Bustos who have given their vision of Barcelona with their works in the Altell.

We are keen to discover as broad as possible a range of illustrators working in Barcelona so we can choose the next artists for the Altell. It is with this aim that we invite all professional illustrators to send us their presentation dossiers (books).

A Committee made of up representatives from the Professional Association of Catalan Illustrators (APIC), the Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers - Promotion of Decorative Arts (ADG-FAD) and the Department of Communication at Barcelona City Council will be meeting up twice a year to consult the dossiers received, on the basis of which they will select the illustrators for the Altell’s next presentations. The selection will be made bearing in mind, among other factors, the quality and originality of the illustrators’ works and careers.

The Committee will contact the illustrators they have selected to invite them to become providers for Barcelona City Council (*) and inform them of the commission for a new Altell Il·lustrat, consisting of an original artistic creation on Barcelona for the Sala Ciutat and the corresponding work schedule.

Presentation dossiers (books) can be sent by filling in the form you will find on this page (**).


(*) The commission will come with a remuneration of €8,000, including VAT. That sum includes, among other things, the assignment of the copyright and distribution and public communication rights over the work created for Sala Ciutat. The Commission will contact the illustrators sufficiently in advance to given them time to conceptualise and create the Altell (roughly 30 before the delivery of the final artwork). Before they may accept or invoice their commission, the illustrators will have to produce the following administrative documents at the very least: a copy of their national tax ID (NIF), a certificate from the Tax Agency confirming they are up to date with their tax payments and a certificate from the National Insurance Authority confirming they are up to date with their social-security contributions.

(**) The Department of Communication at Barcelona City Council will keep these dossiers for a maximum period of 6 months, as from the date they are sent.



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