2013-2018 Local Road Safety Plan

Road safety is a priority among municipal policies, as is reducing the number of traffic accident victims. There are many factors that contribute to the accident rate, including physical space (roads, traffic density, atmospheric conditions, etc.), people (their skills, perceptions, behaviour, etc.) and the social and economic environment. Identifying the risk factors that can lead to accidents is a first step to making progress on prevention.

2013-2018 Local Road Safety Plan

The 2013-2018 Local Road Safety Plan is the City Council's tool for making travel and mobility safer. Its strategies include analysing the accident rate, raising public awareness, encouraging institutional and social collaboration, coordinated interdepartmental action, and evaluation exercises to find out what effects any actions carried out have. The Plan's target for 2018 is to reduce the number of deaths by 30% and serious injuries by 20%.

Road safety measures

  • Road maintenance
  • Traffic-light control
  • Better roadwork signs and information
  • Identifying places where there is an accident risk
  • Standardising road features with safety criteria
  • Optimising traffic-light times
  • Improving safety at pedestrian crossings
  • Conducting road discipline campaigns and implementing preventive measures
  • Raising public awareness
  • Placing special emphasis on particular social groups, such as the elderly and motorcyclists who, together with pedestrians, suffer the most fatalities and most serious injuries every year
    • Not paying attention while driving
    • Not respecting minimum safety distances
    • Illegal manoeuvres
    • Inappropriate speed
    • Ignoring right of way at junctions
    • Ignoring signs and signals
    • Drink and drug driving
  • Making people aware that space is limited in the city and we have to share it, showing respect for others

The Guàrdia Urbana has an annual programme of operations for boosting road safety, which back up publicity campaigns with disciplinary action.

  • Monitoring traffic lights
  • The use of helmets and safety belts
  • The right way to use mobile phones while driving
  • Observing speed limits and alcohol levels

The Guàrdia Urbana also organises a series of training activities:

For a traffic accident-free Barcelona, in line with the ongoing priority of increasing road safety in the city and with special emphasis on reducing the number of traffic accident victims on the city's streets.