The summer season gets under way for the city police at the beaches

27/05/2017 - 09:10


The good weather is here, signalling the start of the season for the City Police Beach Group. From 25 May to the end of September, a total of ninety officers make up the unit which will be patrolling the ten beaches along the city’s seafront. The unit plays a preventative role, as well as responding to incidents or issues arising along the Barcelona coastline.

The members of the Beach Group patrol on foot, using scooters, four-wheeled vehicles, bicycles and quads which are specially adapted to get across the sand. The unit also has two motorised dinghies (one of 6.5 long and the other 7.5 metres long), allowing for greater vigilance and control along the beaches and around the groynes.

From their headquarters at the joint office for the City Police and Mossos d’Esquadra police corps, along with the module at the groyne on the Bogatell beach, municipal officers control and monitor everything picked up on along the beaches, from swimming in dangerous areas to unlicensed vending, theft and pickpocketing.

Summary of beach policing last year

The unit helped 85 people in the sea and acted on 10,043 occasions around the groynes last year, mostly warning people swimming in dangerous zones. At the same time, officers reported people in 82 cases for not respecting bathing instructions.

Last year the City Police Beach Group gave out 120 kits to victims of theft and pickpocketing on the beach. The bags contain a t-shirt, flip-flops, shorts and a metro ticket so that people who have had their things stolen can get around the city to deal with whatever they need to afterwards.

In 2016 the unit confiscated 202,730 drinks sold in public without a licence (61% more than the previous summer) and reported 20,679 cases of unlicensed vending.