Strategic goals

To roll out a new citizen participation model for designing public safety and prevention policies.

  • To have prevention and safety councils in all the districts where ordinary citizens have a voice, and build a prevention and coexistence model suited to each area.

To foster a joint vision and action on municipal prevention and safety policies, encouraging dialogue and mediation as the way to resolve conflicts.

  • To launch the Barcelona Prevention Board
  • To set up community prevention boards and forums (from the District Prevention and Safety Council)
  • To open the Citizen Help and Information Office (OAC), a joint GUB - Mossos d’Esquadra (City - Catalan Police) office in Barceloneta as a one-stop shop
  • To launch new mobile platforms connected to municipal social services

To ensure transparency in all action on public safety and coexistence.

  • To implement a new communication plan geared to introducing and sharing the local public safety model with local people, promoting transparency and proximity
  • To introduce new Fire Service (SPEIS) internal regulations where operational prevention is more focused on proximity

To adapt municipal services and resources for coexistence and public safety to the needs and characteristics of the area.

  • Annual recruitment process for SPEIS (60 places) and GUB (100 places)
  • New location for the Eixample Fire Station
  • New GUB second job regulations
  • To integrate 080 and 092 with the emergency phone number 112 while maintaining the current quality levels

To develop the analytical and anticipatory capacity of prevention and safety services and operators.

  • New Selection, Training and Social Plan for managing change
  • Fire and other emergency investigation mechanism for SPEIS

To increase exchanges and benchmarking in prevention and safety around the world

  • To play an active role in the network of cities for change on safety