Call of subsidies

Since 2014, the Department of Time Programs and Care Economics has been supporting initiatives that have as priority objectives the promotion of work, family, personal and social reconciliation and / or the promotion of the economy of care. Through the "General call for grants for district, city and district projects, activities and services".

The specific bases of the call are published annually, usually during the last quarter of the year prior to the call, which establish the requirements and criteria for the grant, as well as the different areas and modalities, deadlines for submission of applications , Among other information.

Currently, the Department's grants target initiatives that have one of two options:

A) To promote, facilitate and promote actions for the reconciliation of the time of care, family, work, personal and social

B) Promote the economy of care.

Although the requirements to be met by the proposals are specified in each call, they revolve around support for activities and services focused on facilitating the reconciliation of different times: family, work, personal and social of people and, in relation to the economy Of care, proposals should help to break gender stereotypes about care, encourage collectivization and dignify care work.

The final resolution for granting and denying the general call for subventions, activities and services of the district and city by 2019 has already been published in the Official Bulletin of the Province of Barcelona, ​​dated July 17. We remind you that the areas of Responsible Consumption and Time and Economy of care are included in this call and that you will find assigned to the letters T and Q respectively.

On the other hand, from the Department of Services of Cooperative, Social and Solidarity Economy and Consumer Affairs, to which the Department is attached, offers a series of subsidies to those projects or activities that promote or reinforce the transformative nature of the Social and solidarity economy, democratic management, guidance to human needs and commitment to the community.

We will inform you promptly of each call. You will find the corresponding information about these and other calls on the Barcelona City Council website (attached link).