Public policies of time and care

Local and supranational institutions have for some years promoted policies that allow a new social organization that improves the quality of life of people, fosters equality and reconciliation of family, work, personal and social. The fruit of these policies begins to be present in the new attitudes of society in the management of time and care. However, administrations face the challenge of continuing to innovate in this area.

This section incorporates information on time and care policies developed by towns and cities in Catalonia, Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

Scope: Madrid
Topic: Economy of Care - Igualtat - Uses of time
Council of Madrid, 2017
Plan of the City Council of Madrid that places the sustainability of life and the facilitation of care at the center of political decisions, placing as an element of analysis the daily life of people, and on the other, work and the perspective of care as determining aspect of the living conditions of the population.
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Area: Barcelona
Subject: Educational opportunities - childhood and adolescence
Author: Infancy and Adolescence Institute of Barcelona This report presents, in a broad sense, an analysis of the situation of education of children and adolescents in Barcelona, ​​in order to contribute to improve municipal education policy and nourish the social debate on education.

Area: Spain 
Subject: Conciliation - Social Responsibility 
Author: Government of Spain, 2015 
The plan approved by the Council of Ministers wants to be a cross working document for all departments in promoting the development of policies that favor the family and conciliation. Legal protection, care or permits equality are some of the topics covered.

Area: Euskadi 
Subject: Conciliation - Social Responsibility 
Web resources and policies implemented in the Basque country in order to promote parity and family reconciliation in the territory. A month of legislative issues, the web together a compilation of good practices and provides self-diagnostic tools for business.

Area: Boadilla del Monte 
Subject: Conciliation - Social Responsibility 
In collaboration with the Institute for Women promotes measures the council for conciliation, including an award for good practice in enterprises in the municipality.

Area: Catalonia 
Subject: Social conciliation - responsibility 
Author: RScat,2015 
Compilation of public policies implemented in Catalonia environment to social responsibility to public procurement.

Generalitat de Catalunya. Decree on working day and work schedules. 
Area: Catalonia 
Subject: Conciliation - Flexibility 
Author: Generalitat de Catalunya, 2014 
Enlargement of the 56/2012 Decree, which regulates the flexible time work of civil servants in the Public Administration. Affects the flexibility of entry and exit timetables, recoverable time for personal business, and the vacation days.

Area: Europe 
Subject: Use of the time 
Author: Ville of Nantes, Nantes Mètropole, 2013 
The paper collect the initiatives promoted in the metropolitan area of Nantes to advance in the personal, family and work conciliation of the citizens times. It picks up reflections, statistical datum and initiatives.

Area: Navarra/Spain 
Subject: Conciliation – Equality - Use of the Time
Author: Town Council of Tudela, 2013 
Guide of public resources for the conciliation of the family life. It picks up, laws and help to autonomic and national level, of regulations.

Red de Empresas por la Conciliación

Area: Madrid 
Subject: Conciliation – Equality - Use of the Time
Author: Town Council of Madrid Promoted
Driven by the Madrid City Council this network wants to promote the contact between companies to enhance life balance in all areas of the city. Organize an award aimed at university students and its website offers resources and publications.

Area: Europe 
Subject: Conciliation - Equality - Use of the Time 
Author: European Community 
European social development project that aims to explore the opportunities arising from demographic change. It works in areas as dependency, family reconciliation, inclusion and empowerment of civil society.

Area: Europe 
Subject: Family - Timetables - Equality - Urban Planning 
The objective of the strategic plan that this local authority implemented from 2008 to 2010 was to design a model for a city that takes people's needs regarding time into account and establishes a corporate strategy that coordinates policies relating to the organisation of work, services, times and planning in the city.

Area: Andalusia 
Subject: Conciliation – Equality - use of the 
Time|Weather Authors: M. -Sea González, Marta Díez, Francisca López, Eloísa Martínez and Beatriz Morgado 
Instituto Andaluz de la Mujer, 2012 
Compilation of conciliation policies developed in the Andalusian region in the framework of the European People-Diversia.

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Language: Catalán

Area: Barcelona
Subject: Conciliation – Equality - Use of the Time
Author: Town Council of Barcelona, 2012
Sheet of route of the town council to guarantee the rights, promotion and equality opportunities of the women. The document picks up the legal frame to national and international level, the frame of municipal competences and the municipal resources and policies.

Area: Province of Barcelona 
Subject: Use of the Time 
Author: Town Council of Sant Boi de Llobregat, 2011 
Plan elaborated by the Town Council with 78 political, economical and social agents and with the citizen participation. It picks up proposals for the harmonization of the work, family and personal time of the citizenship.

Language: Catalán

Area: Digested Basque 
Subject: Conciliation 
Author: Basque Government, 2011
Planned as government plan to the legislature, to develop guidelines governing family and reconciliation policy to boost cooperation between public authorities, social partners, family and children's organizations and educational institutions.

Area: Barcelona province
Subject: Work
Established by Barcelona Provincial Government's Area for Equality and Citizenship, this network seeks to provide a forum for thought and discussion about local policies concerning time. This is, then, an arena where mayors and councillors can debate local policy with regard to strategic and cross-cutting planning for new uses of time.

Area: Europe 
Subject: Family - Timetables - Equality 
The Social Welfare and Family Ministry promotes a future-looking plan whose objective is to improve people's quality of life through changes to social structures that enable better management of time. The plan embraces several lines of action and includes specific programmes for families with children from 0 to 3 years and companies aimed at achieving a more equal distribution of tasks in the home.

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Language: Spanish
Area: Europe 
Subject: Equality 
The Spanish Ministry for Equality instigated the Equality Law, aimed at promoting the advancement of women. Amongst others, it seeks to foster moves towards a more equitable distribution of time between men and women. To this end, the law offers local authorities and autonomous communities tools to establish municipal plans for organising time and provides technical assistance for implementing such plans.

Language: Spanish
Area: Europe 
Subject: Equality 
In 2006, the Spanish Ministry for Public Administration launched a plan whose objective is to promote work/life balance amongst civil servants. The plan takes into consideration such subjects as flexi-time working, paternity and maternity leave, compact working hours and other issues that can help to ensure that work time is used more efficiently.


Area: Barcelona province
Subject: Timetables - Equality
This plan, introduced by the Government of Castilla-La Mancha in February 2011, establishes closing times for administrative offices, ensuring that all workers adapt their working hours to those when buildings are officially open, which will be from 7 am to 5.30 pm. The objective of this measure is to improve productivity, decrease maintenance expenses and promote the life/work balance amongst workers.

Area: Catalonia 
Subject: Equality - Work 
This project, launched under the European Commission's EQUAL Community Initiative (2002-2004), is aimed at designing and assisting the implementation of services to enable companies, individuals and authorities to introduce policies on time that promote the work/life balance and equality. To this end, Tempora provides a resource bank aimed at companies and institutions. 
Link on the page of the Foundation Maria Aurèlia Capmany

Area: Europe 
Subjects: Equality- Work 
The European agency for to the equality promotes, among other policies|politics of equality, a way of work to improve the use of the time|weather in a company|society that has to adapt its|his|her|their public services to|in an economics|economy where the schedules|timetables have gone|happened to being extensive and very variable. Spain, Italy and France are the most active countries in the development of this type of policies|politics. The disposable resources and some of the projects can be consulted to the web page.

Area: Europe
Subject: Equality - Timetables- Work 
The German Society for Time Policy is a study body that works with professionals and individuals to develop time policies. The Society organises working parties and annual meetings open to public bodies, companies and individuals. The association periodically publishes studies of specific aspects, as well as the six-monthly magazine Das Zeitpolitische Magazin, available on the website.
Language: German

Area: Barcelona province
Subject: Family - Work - Timetable - Town planning 
Since it was first established, the Time Office of the City of Paris has published studies that have enabled municipal services to adapt to Parisians' rhythm of life. Based on the study carried out of their uses, the times of municipal services have been adjusted to citizens' needs.

Area: Europe 
Subject: Family - Timetables - Work - Urban Planning 
The Prato local authority website contains projects and resources on the use of time, focusing on town planning, time maps and the life/work balance. The site provides access to a selected bibliography on the use of time provided by Prato public library.

Area: World 
Subject: Schedules - Equality- Work 
This forum, promoted by the United Nations Development Fund for Women and various Latin American organisations, has taken place regularly for the last ten years. One result generated is the development of CAUTAL, a tool for planning, processing, presenting and analysing time use surveys.