Barcelona Award to the Innovative Company in Management of Conciliation and Time

In 2012, the City Council created the Innovative Company Award measures the Barcelona Conciliation and Time

This award wants to identify, promote and inform on the efforts of all those companies that are committed to the betterment of time management in order to achieve an improved conciliation of work, family and individual life. These companies work implementing measures on the uses of time that help their employees get better organized in their lives, and, at the same time, enhance the companies' planning.

  • To identify, publicly, the efforts that companies in this city make to develop innovating measures for a better management of time, bringing flexibility, and balancing work, family, and personal schedules.
  • To enhance the visibility of companies that are committed to help harmonize time in their organization, making society in general more aware of these issues.
  • To contribute to spreading understanding on these issues, and promoting exchange while generating a repository of successful implementations of measures in the context of better time management and conciliation in the work place.



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On December 3, the Jury of the 8th edition of the Barcelona Prize for the Innovative Business in Reconciliation and Time in Barcelona Activa met to evaluate the submitted nominations.

Date of delivery: March 18, 2019
Awarded: Category less than 10 workers: Blueknow
Category between 10 and 50 workers: MOST Enginyers
Category between 51 and 250 workers: Mercabarna
Category more than 250 workers/: Unió de Mútues
Special Quotation: CT Ingenieros de Catalunya

Delivery date: March 19, 2018.
Awarded: Category of less than 10 workers: Cooperativa El Risell
Category between 10 and 50 worker / s: Global Planning Solutions
Category between 51 and 250 workers: Fundació Els Tres Turons
Category of more than 250 workers: Grup Ametller Origen
Special Mentions: KIM-Knowledge Innovation Market and UPF Barcelona School of Management.

5ª Edició del Premi, any 2016

Delivery date: 21 February 2017
Winners: Category "Less than 10 workers": TBS SARO i ARROYO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS.
Category "10 to 50 workers": ETICAS RESEARCH & CONSULTING.
Category "between 51 and 250 workers": UPCNet.
Category "more than 250 workers": SEAT.

4a edició del Premi, any 2015

Delivery date: Wednesday February 24, 2016
Winners: Company of less than 10 workers, La Ciutat Invisible, company between 10 and 50 workers, Softmachine, and company of more than 50 workers, Fundació Joia. The Special Mention to one of the companies of the NUST Network was granted to Henkel.

3a edició del Premi, any 2014

Date of delivery: On Monday the 23rd February 2015

Rewarded: Company of less than 10 workers, Vortex, company of between 10 and 50 workers, Vertisub, and company of more than 50 workers, Metropolis Special Center of Work. The special mention to one of the companies of the Network|Net NUST was granted to Unipresalud and isardSAT received a special diploma.

2a edició del Premi, any 2013

Dates from delivery: Thursday 20 February of 2014
Awarded: Undertaken of more than 50 workers, Gaes and company of less than 50 workers, Criteria Recursos Humanos. In the special mention to one of the companies of the Net NUST has granted SGS Tecnos.

1a edició del Premi, any 2012

Delivery date: Thursday 4 April 2013
Laureates: Companies with over 50 employees Abacus. Company of less than 50 employees, Casamitjana. Special mention of the companies NUST Network Foundation for the Open University of Catalunya.