Time Flexibility

Flexible work schedules are those that, within the limits previously established and agreed by the company and its staff, are adapted to the needs of workers. Schedule flexibility can have various forms. Here are some types:

FIXED/VARIABLE SCHEDULE: Workers have the chance to choose from a wide range of work schedules, despite being fixed or stable throughout the year.

FLEXIBILITY GETTING IN AND OUT OF WORK: Workers have a flexible margin of time to come to work, provided they comply with the minimum standards set by the company.

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: Workers manage their work time freely as long as they fulfill previously establish goals

TIME BANKS: This is a method that allows the scheduling of working hours on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or even multi-yearly basis, and depending on the interests of the company and/or the worker. They are often implemented through credit or debit accounts, which allow control of the hours worked and their corresponding compensation for that timeframe.

COMPRESSED DAILY HOURS: Full-time employment gets compressed into less days of work, turning, in some cases, into longer vacation periods or shorter working weeks.

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