Day "Moving towards a healthier, more equal and efficient organization of working time"

Blueknow, Mercabarna, MOST Ingenieros y Unión de Mutuales were the companies awarded within the 7th edition of the Barcelona Prize to the Innovative Business in Conciliation and Time, organized annually by the Nust Network. The delivery took place within the framework of the Day “Going forward towards an organization of the healthiest, egalitarian and efficient work time” on March 18th at the Modernist Center of Sant Pau.

The Doctor of Political Science and first woman, awarded with the National Prize of Sociology and Political Science 2018, María Ángeles Durán, starred in the central conference under the title “Innovation in the uses of time” where he emphasized that time is A scarce resource and the efficiency of its use depend a good part on the quality of life. Durán stressed during his speech that “most women’s time is not put to the market, but it remains within the homes and in the work of cares, as a conditioned donation. In fact, 84% of the time spent on people with long-term illness is put on by women. ” In this sense, the sociologist added that “for every 100 hours of time sold on the market, there are 130 hours that are devoted to work within the home. In the coming years, we will need large doses of care time for the elderly and companies will have to worry about this business field that is to come.”

Then there was a dialogue with representatives of various companies about the impact of their organizational measures on time in the business objectives and the quality of the workers. Albert Solé, Chief of Labor Relations and Spokesperson of the Equality Commission of Henkel Ibérica, was convinced that “companies must bet to implement flexibility policies and see them not as a cost but as an investment in future ». He also explained that as of April 1 the company will implement “digital disconnection measures so that the template is not obliged to respond to mails or take calls outside their work schedule.” Gemma Freixas, head of Management of SEAT R&D Staff, added that “all employees and business leaders must make a mental change and generate tools and resources.” In the same sense, the director of Human Resources of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, Ramon Brossa, said that “any initiative in matters of conciliation, work and time requires the commitment of the management and the entire organization. Responsible people have a very important job in this regard. ” Finally, Marc Pombo, country manager of VertiSub, shared with the people and companies attending that “it is very important to have confidence in the people with whom you work, especially in small companies. We pay more attention to the final result and not to the presence “.

The following year, the 7th edition of the Barcelona Prize for the Innovative Business in Reconciliation and Time was presented, in which a total of 24 candidatures were presented. The jury decided to award the special mention of the NUST Network to CT Ingenieros de Catalunya for having implemented the work, family and personal work conciliation plan, a detailed and systematic catalog of measures of hours flexibility and service policy, incorporating tools of monitoring and evaluation.

The prize in the business category of 10 to 50 workers was for Blueknow, for having implemented measures such as teleworking, flexible hours, workday training, the possibility of enjoying more holidays and taking into account the Situation of the working people with dependent children and relatives.

In the business category between 10 and 50 workers, the award was for MOST Enginyers for having implemented the European schedule from 8.15 a.m. to 4:25 p.m. with 30 minutes for lunch, making workers gain a quality of life.

In the business category of 51 to 250 people, the winner was Mercabarna for having implemented the intensive day in the morning throughout the year by the majority group with flexibility of entry and exit and holding 37.39h on a weekly basis . The trajectory of the company is valued, that worried about the access of the woman to the labor market and the generational relief passed the schedule of the market of the fruit of the night to the day in a sector as complex as the food .

Finally, the Prize in the category of Company of more than 250 workers was granted to the Union of Mutual Societies for having facilitated through the Equality Plan, an extended paternity leave to promote co-responsibility, a paid leave of purpose 10 working days for the care of dependent people and for having promoted a guide for benefits for the entire staff.