Backing for the digital economy is consolidated

Innovation. The digital economy is a strategic sector for creating quality jobs and reducing the digital divide which still exists.

The consolidation of the digital economy as a strategic sector in creating quality jobs and reducing the digital divide which still exists is the main goal of the municipal government measure on the new line of the digital economy, presented today at the Commission for Economy and Treasury. Barcelona is looking to consolidate its role as a platform for digital enterprise, and the new measure provides the tools to do so.

These are measures included in the ‘Barcelona, Digital City 2017-2020’ plan, aimed at helping broaden the digital economy in the city and tackling the challenge of reaching the entire population. They include renewing the range of technology-based courses at the Cibernàrium facility, with over 150 different short activities of between 3 and 12 hours, new 16-hour ‘Estiu TIC’ training programmes in July and new programmes to help bridge the digital and gender divide at a local level.

Backing is also being given to the IT Academy, a new training project to broaden technological knowledge and refocus professional careers towards the ICT sector, as well as companies with specialist needs not covered by current training.

Company acceleration at the MediaTIC

The recently-opened MediaTIC incubator provides support for the creation and development of high-impact IT companies. Besides providing cover for innovative projects being rolled out in the city, the new centre backs the internationalisation of the IT ecosystem via different joint initiatives with technology companies in cities such as Paris and New York.


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