Dignified labour conditions for public contracts

Public procurement. Barcelona Activa awards the first two public contracts featuring social efficiency criteria to guarantee quality and non-discriminatory employment.

Building on its commitment to fair and sustainable public contracts, Barcelona Activa has awarded the first two tenders featuring criteria on social efficiency as a way of guaranteeing quality and non-discriminatory employment. The process ensures that companies awarded contracts pay monthly salaries of over 1,000 euros.

In one case, the awarding of the contract means that workers who already made up part of the service will earn 35% more on average. In the other case, the contract guarantees workers will get a wage which is 25% higher than the one set out in the labour agreement for the corresponding sector.

The two public tender processes were won by companies and entities from Barcelona’s social economy: a temporary union of companies made up of three foundations and four special work centres.

The awarding of the contracts took into account the social and labour criteria set out in the Mayoral Decree approved on24 April by the Mayor, Ada Colau. The aim is to ensure that public contracts are a tool for workers to have decent wages, job security, guaranteed gender equality and compatibility with family life, four priorities for the Barcelona Employment Strategy 2016-2020.

The conditions set out in the tender processes included requisites to boost social and labour rights, access to public contracts for small and medium-sized businesses and opportunities for entities from the social and solidarity economy, in line with the new Social Public Procurement Guide for the City Council.



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