Endorsement for policies to combat low wages

Wage distribution. A report on the labour situation in Barcelona shows that in 2015 over a third of all workers and nearly two thirds of young people earnt a thousand euros a month at most.

A report on the distribution of salaries in Barcelona based on data from 2015 highlights information previously unpublished information: 32.4% of workers in the city earn a thousand euros a month at most. The figure rises to 64.7% among the under 30s. The report aims to outline the level of inequality of wages in relation to the economic crisis and complement reports conducted in other Spanish cities such as Madrid and Zaragoza.

The report Distribució, dispersió i desigualtat salarial a Barcelona 2010-2015 focused on salaries, the wage gap and level of low wages in the city. The data showed that the average wage for Barcelona residents was 28,861 euros gross per year (2015), even though half of paid workers earnt less than 22,676 euros gross.

Taking into account the average wage, the report shows that a large number of workers get paid wages around or below the average salary, while a few earn more. The wage gap between men and women was reduced slightly between 2010 and 2015. Wages among women were distributed more evenly, with less of a difference between those earning the most and those earning the least.

The report also shows that over the five year period looked at, average salaries have dropped by 6.5% in real terms and the spread of wages among workers earning the most and the least has risen by 4.8%. Compared to other Spanish cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Zaragoza and Malaga, salaries in Barcelona rank highly in terms of average wages and mid-table in terms of inequality and the gender pay gap.

Austerity and labour reform

The report was compiled by the Statistics Department at the Technical Programming Office at the City Council using data from Social Security, the Spanish Inland Revenue Tax Authority (AEAT) and the municipal register.

It offers a snapshot of the levels of precariousness and inequality in the years of the economic crisis. The results obtained back up the promotion of a minimum wage in the city as a priority, guaranteeing that all workers earn over a thousand euros a month.



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