“Let’s build Barcelona, let’s gain the future”

Strategy. Halfway through the current term of office, the First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, details the city model to be developed between now and 2025, calling for collaboration from the economic, business and academic communities.

In a packed auditorium at the Catalan Economists Association, the First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, presented the future strategy for the city up to the year 2025, calling for collaboration from the economic, business and academic communities. “We have a large common enterprise, a stimulating adventure which is to think about and build the Barcelona of the 21st century together”, he affirmed.

Pisarello centred his speech on the economic aspect and announced financial support to the tune of 50 million euros to help develop innovative economic activity. The new package of measures and tools is designed to reactivate the economy, drive the digital and green economy, boost the local economy, create jobs and provide backing for entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

According to the Deputy Mayor, it’s imperative to retain and get the best out of existing talent and to attract more from elsewhere. To this end, he highlighted Barcelona’s backing for the digital economy and the use of technology to improve people’s quality of life, drawing attention to the new MediaTIC business incubator and the first Makers Faire as examples.

The successful application of the strategy calls for collaboration between different bodies. Because of this, Pisarello pointed to the need to seek positive bonds with other cities “to demand more transparency in public procurement policy”, with the civil society and the business world.

The Deputy Mayor stressed that during this term of office it has been shown that “it was possible to manage things properly, while backing economic expansion from a redistributive perspective, reducing debt and maintaining solvency”.



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