Municipal policy on funeral services takes a step forward

Funeral services. By-laws are approved for cemeteries and funeral services which strengthen universality, quality, accessibility and social guarantees.

Full Council has approved a modification to municipal by-laws regulating funeral services and cemeteries as part of the municipal will to guarantee a quality service for all citizens. The two texts are the result of broad consensus, with all municipal groups having contributed.

The new by-law on funeral services opens the door for new operators as it does away with the requisite of having a funeral home. It is also a boost for freedom of choice and obliges companies to provide transparent information on their services and pricing.

The other main aim is to ensure access to funeral services for the sector of the public with limited resources, offering free loans and discounts. Beneficiaries will have to provide a report from social services vouching for their inability to meet the costs of the service themselves.

The by-law was approved with votes from all municipal groups except the PP, which abstained.

By-law on cemeteries

The modification to the by-law on cemeteries adapts the regulations to the new social reality in order to guarantee the rights of all people and groups to access burial or cremation services and to streamline procedures by offering them online.

The urban planning by-law relating to cemeteries, the construction of tombs and the transmission of the funeral right has also been modified. Ownership in perpetuity, not awarded since 1988, now mean lifelong ownership until the owner dies and this offers the possibility for heirs to renew the concession free of charge for 50 years for tombs and 75 years for vaults.

The by-law on cemeteries was approved with votes in favour from all groups except the PP, which voted against it.


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