“The cooperative model gives us plenty of strength to look forward”

Social initiative. L’estoc produces furniture using its own designs and made with recycled material. At the same time it provides dignity for the situation of people with intellectual disabilities.

A sustainable economy is socially and environmentally possible, that’s why L’estoc transforms recycled material using a unique creative process which helps people with disabilities lead a normal life.

L’estoc is a social company producing furniture with its own designs based on recycled material and unused items of furniture. The double aim is to improve and dignify the situation of people with intellectual disabilities and promote another consumer model, giving each piece the attractiveness and quality of new furniture.

L’estoc involves workers in the production of furniture items right from the outset. Work ranges from basic repairs to polishing, painting and varnishing, stimulating and creative tasks which highlight the skills of the workers.

On top of this, as founding member Jordi Mayals explains, “the cooperative model allows us to share many things with the workers, and that gives us plenty of strength to look forward. The people we work with form part of a project which they see very clearly”. According to Mayals, that means they can “transform spaces, materials and also people’s lives”.

L’estoc has received recognition from the social enterprise support programmes run by the Momentum project, by BBVA and ESADE (2015), by the Fundació La Caixa (2012) and by the Government of Catalonia (2011).


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