Tourism replaces unemployment as the main concern among citizens

Municipal. The quarterly barometer shows that for the first time ever tourism is the main concern among the population, even though people are aware of what the municipal government is doing about it.

The quarterly barometer points to tourism as the main problem for the city (19%), ahead of unemployment and labour conditions (12.4%), which had been the main concern among the population since December 2009. In the same way, concerns over access to housing have also risen noticeably to stand at 6.1% Support for municipal management has also increased, with 54.8% of those surveyed rating it as good or very good, the best figure since March 2004.

The third place, with very similar percentages, is occupied by traffic circulation (7%), political management (6.6%) and access to housing (6.1%), the latter having gone up significantly and becoming a growing concern among the population. The First Deputy Mayor, Gerardo Pisarello, pointed out: “Tourism and housing are perceived as the two most important issues, but we also believe there is an endorsement for the way municipal policies are being managed in these and other aspects”.

In Catalonia, the problem referred to most is the relationship with Spain (33.3%), while in Spain as a whole corruption has clearly become the main concern, with 21.2% of mentions and a six-point increase in just six months.

Stability in evaluations of politicians

In terms of evaluations for politicians, Alfred Bosch (5.3), Ada Colau (5.2), Xavier Trias (5.2) and Jaume Collboni (5.0) made the grade, while inferior scores went to Maria José Lecha (4.8), Carina Mejías (3.4) and Alberto Fernández Díaz (3.0). The Mayor, Ada Colau, remains at the top of the list as the best-known city politician, with a 67% rate of approval.

The trend from the most recent barometers in terms of voting intention remains stable: Barcelona en Comú remains in first place with 15.7%, while the ERC stands in second place with 14.5%. Percentages for the PSC (6.0%), Ciutadans (5.9%) and the Grup Municipal Demòcrata (5.9%) are all similar, while the CUP stands at 2.4% and the PP at 1.2%.

Approval for the municipal funeral services operator

The current affairs question for this quarter was about funeral services and shows that despite the scarcity of information among the public regarding costs (64.2%), there is broad consensus that the prices for the service are very high (76.7%) and that the setting up of a municipal operator would be something positive (79.3%).

The quarterly barometer was based on a telephone survey of 800 city residents between 25 May and 7 June.


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