“Trust is the key for cooperatives”

Cooperatives. The Federation of Worker Cooperatives of Catalonia brings together numerous cooperatives from sixteen different sectors.

The Federation of Worker Cooperatives of Catalonia brings together, represents and leads worker cooperatives in Catalonia. The aim is the creation, growth and promotion of over three thousand cooperatives which every day strengthen the local economy and society on a democratic basis.

Catalan cooperatives generate over 4,500 million euros a year and account for 3% of Catalonia’s GDP. These autonomous associations promote the participation of members, stable employment, innovation, local ties and development. Worker cooperatives operate in all fields, from support services to renewable energy, communication, industry and more.

Perfecto Alonso, president of the Federation of Worker Cooperatives of Catalonia, explains that the key to success for cooperatives is trust and that at the same time “participative methodologies should be sought whereby all parties are involved in the project and there is a moral and cultural obligation for transparent management”. According to Alonso: “It’s essential to create networks based on sharing values and experiences which allow major cooperative projects to be developed”.

The federation’s main goals are to promote worker cooperatives, the creation and consolidation of members making up the federation and support for members who annually decide the way forward via an assembly.


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