“Working in a cooperative is the most logical way to work”

People. Suara Cooperativa is a social economy company with over 30 years’ experience in attending to people.

Boasting over 3,000 professionals and attending to 40,000 people throughout Catalonia, Suara is an employment and social-initiative cooperative that manages people-care public services.

Suara Cooperativa has over thirty years of experience accumulated from its founding members and manages an extensive range of services and facilities, including home-care services.

More than 3,000 professionals respond to the care, support, assistance and educational needs of children, young people and entire families, as well as people who require some form of support to become more independent, wish to enter the labour market, aim to improve themselves professionally or need support facing crisis situations.

“The most important thing is to reclaim the person’s dignity. This is a necessary and very satisfying task”, explains Isidre Cano, Suara Cooperativa’s Family Worker in the Home-Care Service, for whom “working in a cooperative is the most logical way to work”.

Suara’s cooperative model involves active and direct participation from members whose involvement enables them to “make it grow and adapt to the new realities”, as Montserrat Pujol, the Chair of the Suara’s Governing Board, explains.

That ultimately makes Suara’s members much more involved in the cooperative, as they build an “economy, reality and future, which is the main difference between working in any company and working in a a cooperative”, explains Àngels Cobo, Suara Cooperativa’s General Manager.

Suara’s aim is to transform the social environment and improve people’s circumstances. To achieve that aim, the cooperative focuses its values on being innovative, local, participatory and socially responsible.

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