Strategic planning

Municipal government programme documents setting out tourism-related policies and initiatives.

  • 15/11/2017
    Tourist Mobility Strategy in Barcelona

    The Tourist Mobility Strategy (EMT) provides a global analysis of the city's tourist mobility in order to design new urban policies. The EMT aims at offering an answer both to the Urban Mobility Plan (PMU 2013-2018) as well as to the challenges and goals for the Strategic Plan for Tourism (PET20).

  • 30/01/2017
    Strategic Plan for Tourism 2020

    The new Strategic Plan for Tourism provides new tools and procedures to build future scenarios in a sustainable way. The objective is to promote tourist activities as a source of wealth and generate a greater return for society.

  • 20/07/2015
    Boost to the participation process on Barcelona's tourism model

    Government measure presented at the Full Municipal Council Meeting of 20 July 2015. It presents a series of initial legislative measures: suspending permits to provide tourist accommodation, prior to the drafting of the Special Urban Development Plan for Tourist Accommodation (PEUAT) and the drafting of a new strategic tourism plan for 2016-2020 which updates the previous one, and the creation of the City and Tourism Council.

  • 09/04/2015
    Barcelona, city and tourism: Local agreement for the management and promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism

    Participatory process for reflection, with the aim of identifying key challenges that the city will have to tackle over the coming years and formulating the bases for a local agreement for the management and promotion of responsible and sustainable tourism. January - April 2015

Statistics and surveys

  • Tourist activity in Barcelona

    Presentation of the results of a study on tourist characterisation and profiles. Its main aim is to identify the profiles and habits of tourists spending the night in Barcelona. Department of Opinion Surveys at Barcelona City Council.

  • Perception of tourism in Barcelona

    Presentation of results of a survey conducted among Barcelona residents on perceptions of tourism in the city and opinions of current affairs and tourist habits. Department of Opinion Surveys at Barcelona City Council.

  • Tourism statistics in Barcelona city and surroundings

    A publication that summarily presents the main data on annual tourist activity. Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Provincial Council, Barcelona Tourism Consortium.

  • Barcelona tourism activity report

    Annual report that presents the main data on tourist activity in Barcelona city, its metropolitan area and Barcelona province in 2015. Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Provincial Council and Barcelona Tourism Consortium.

Statistical data on tourist activities in Barcelona and its surroundings. Reports on the results of tourist-profile surveys, public perception and other important aspects.

Reports, studies

Grounds for applying tourist marketing for a sustainable destination: the case of Barcelona

Report commissioned under the Strategic Tourism Plan for 2020, featuring suggested guidelines for promoting destination Barcelona with the main aim of ensuring its sustainability.

Impact of vacation letting on Barcelona's residential letting market

A report which analyses the economic impact of tourist accommodation on the residential market. It comes under the framework of the diagnosis stage for drafting the Strategic Tourism Plan for 2020.

Tourist activity in Barcelona: development and management

A document presenting the features and process developed relating to the successive tourist policies implemented over time in Barcelona.

The tourist sector in Barcelona

A publication that presents the main features of the tourist sector in Barcelona.

Economic impact of tourist activity in Barcelona

A summary of the study prepared by the University of Girona - INSETUR for estimating the economic impact of tourist activity in Barcelona.

Study on social responsibility of companies in Barcelona's hotel network

An executive summary of a study on cases of excellence in CSR in Barcelona's hotel network, “Doing good and doing well”, conducted by the Responsible Tourism Observatory at the Sant Ignasi Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management. Ramon Llull University.

Analysis documents and studies on tourist activities and their impact on the city.

Annual activity reports

Summaries of the initiatives carried out at the destination in accordance with tourist-sustainability criteria.


  • 01/01/2017
  • Citizen participation in the Special Urban Development Plan for Tourist Accommodation (PEUAT)
  • Regulations of the Special Urban Development Plan for Tourist Accommodation (PEUAT)
  • Functions of the City and Tourism Council

Rules and regulations

Press releases

143 press releases
  • Barcelona to lead Biosphere city network and work for the sustainability of tourist destinations worldwide
  • Barcelona participates in FITUR to promote tourism in the city and advertise the work done as a sustainable destination
  • Barcelona has consolidated as a destination for sustainable tourism worldwide
  • Barcelona takes part in the 'Tourism and sustainability in the Mediterranean Arch Euroregion' forum
  • Barcelona hosts IBTM, the most important event on conventions and congresses
  • Barcelona starts a programme to promote understanding between local communities and tourist appartments

Press releases issued by Barcelona City Council relating to tourism.

Useful documents

Barcelona declaration

Barcelona City Council, in cooperation with the Provincial Government of Barcelona, the Catalan Tourism Agency and Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), organized from next 17 to 19 May 2017, the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism for the Development in the framework of the New Urban Agenda. The event concluded with the presentation of a statement and some guidelines about sustainable tourism.

World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20

The World Summit on Sustainable Tourism, held in Vitoria-Gasteiz in November 2015, reviewed the principles of the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism (1995) and reaffirmed their validity today. This document recognises the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Decision of the Barcelona Ombudsman regarding Tourism

The ombudsman's decision in June 2015 regarding official action on tourism and its impact on the quality of life of Barcelona residents.

The Catalonia 2020 Vision for Responsible Tourism: the Barcelona Declaration

The Barcelona Declaration was agreed at the 7th International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations (RTD7) held in October 2013. The declaration is based on responsible tourism that respects the development of Barcelona and Catalonia, maintains a balanced relationship between residents and visitors and prioritises economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Tourism-related international reference documents.

Monthly tourist-activity forecasts

Periodic report that enables forecasts of the city's tourist influxes. It covers events on the programme for the coming month with an estimated attendance of over ten thousand people.