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The Strategic Tourist Plan for 2016-2020 was produced through participation, seeking dialogue with and consensus from sectoral, political and residential players. The plan was drafted by:

  • The Strategic Plan Management, under Albert Arias, oversaw all preparations for the plan and its implementation, with support and technical coordination from Jordi Moll.
  • The Technical Committee, made up of the heads of the Tourism Department at Barcelona City Council.
  • The Advisory Committee, made up of four experts who offered their vision throughout the process: Enric Truñó, Maria Abellanet, Oriol Nel·lo and Julie Wilson.
  • Working groups. Technical working groups were organised, each with an expert rapporteur in the field, in order to carry out a joint analysis and go into more detail on specific issues of special relevance. The rapporteurs were Josep Capellà, Ángel Díaz, Luis Falcón, Daniel Imbert, Francesc López-Palomeque, Jordi Moll, Saida Palou, Ricard Pié, Nemo Remesar, Joan Manuel Ribera, Paolo Russo, Ramon Serrat, Elsa Soro, Enric Truñó, Josep Francesc Valls and Josep Maria Vilanova.
  • Participants. Participatory sessions were organised throughout the drafting process, based around several subjects relating to or affecting tourism. Over two hundred people and entities were involved, all of whom were chosen for their diverse territorial, professional, institutional and intellectual backgrounds and their links to Barcelona.
  • Other coordination mechanisms with institutional work spaces. The Strategic Plan was discussed at various internal (City Council) and inter-institutional (Barcelona Provincial Council, the AMB, Turisme de Barcelona) work coordination bodies. It also featured in other dynamic participatory city projects such as the Municipal Action Plan (PAM), the Special Urban Plan for Tourist Accommodation (PEUAT) and the Tourist Mobility Plan (PMT).

To find out about the drafting process for the Strategic Plan, consult the calendar.