Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from the Vincles BCN project?
- People who are aged 65 or over.
- Who are registered Barcelona residents.
- Who feel lonely.
- Who can use a tablet and are motivated to use the service.
- Who speak Catalan and/or Spanish, enabling them to make proper use of the service.
How can I apply to take part in the project?
People who would like to take part and match the profile can ring 010 or fill in the following contact form.
What does it mean for the family and close circle who get involved in Vincles BCN?
The chance to communicate more often and easily with the elderly person by means of ICTs, which let them send photos of people and places they like, chat with the person and see them, keep in touch with them and make them feel they’ve got company.
Do you need to have a tablet to take part?
The City Council will loan users a tablet and the data connectivity service. In turn, users must agree to use it only for its intended purpose (Vincles) and return it if they drop out.
The user’s family and friends will have to download the Vincles app, available from Android and iOS, to their smartphone. They will need Android 4.1or a later version, or iOS 8 or a later version.
Is there any contact between the family and social services?
It is the elderly person who invites their family and friends to take part in the project. The project does not envisage direct contact between social services and a user’s family and friends. Families and friends can make suggestions, complaints and/or express their gratitude by using the following contact forms. For more information you can download the user's guide (in spanish)
What happens if a user has problems with the tablet or the app?
Users will have access to a free helpline, 900 844 252, to report the problem.
The helpline hours are 9 am to 9 pm, Monday to Friday (working days). During the call they will be offered help to solve the problem and given the necessary support, both technological and as regards other queries about the project.
The helpline is only for service users.
How are elderly people using the service monitored?
A team of social workers and Vincles BCN user group drivers will offer individual and group support. We will make sure that users can use the app and are keen to take part in the project before they start to use the service. A customised follow-up will be carried out periodically.