Get to know the apps

Elderly person’s app

1. First of all, the social worker of the Vincles's team will create the person’s profile with their name, photograph, language and other technical characteristics.
2. Once in the app, the first thing you see is the home screen with access to the calendar, photos, calls, etc.
3. All notifications (new messages, appointments, calls) will be received on the main screen, on the left-hand side.
4. All the screens have the “Help and information” button, which the user will be able to click if they have a query or need a hand.
5. It is possible to send things to more than one person by using the “All” button.
6.The diary will keep all the information on appointments: where, when, what they have to do and who they have to see.
7. The user is the person who decides their network. To add a new contact , the user has to give the person they want to invite a randomly generated code.
8.The app shows clearly if the battery is low or there is no coverage. In the former case, a symbol appears constantly on the screen. In the latter case, the app sends a message, recommending the user switches location, for example.

Family and friends app

1. For you to take part in the project, the elderly person has to invite you to be part of their network, by means of a code provided by the app.
2. Download the Vincles BCN app . The app will ask you for your personal details, the network code and that you accept the terms and conditions of use.
3. Once you enter the code that the elderly person has given you, you will be linked to them and will be able to start sharing moments!

Below you will find the Google Play and App Store download links for the family and friends app: