The project’s history

Autumn 2013
The City Council Quality of Life, Equality and Sports Area begins a search for social innovation projects around the world and finds the Tyze project, a Canadian network led by Vickie Cammack, an international reference on collaborative support. The Tyze network, adapted so it could be applied to local characteristics, made it possible to solve the growing need for care for isolated elderly people in Barcelona.
Soon after, we learned of the call for entries for the Mayors Challenge 2014 organised by Bloomberg Philanthropies, which favoured the decision and speeded up the project.

Spring 2014
For its gestation, Vincles BCN had an accelerator at its disposal and a social innovation project incubator, the Imagine Creativity Center, which gave its support with three decisive events in Cadaqués, London and Silicon Valley, where the first prototype was created and real feasibility was tested in a day centre for elderly people.
This stage ends with the project’s entry in the call for the 2014 Bloomberg Mayors Challenge.

Autumn 2014
The decision to award the Bloomberg Philanthropies first prize to Barcelona, out of the 155 cities that had submitted a project and the 21 finalists, is announced.

February 2015
The 2015 Vincles BCN Sessions are held in February, to publicise the project and encourage citizen activism through participation in the project.

Autumn 2015
Rethink of the Vincles BCN project to involve family and friends and empower elderly people to tackle unwanted loneliness.

Spring 2016
Preparations for the launch of the pilot test: developing the technology, defining the user support services, tenders, etc.

November 2016 – June 2017
Start of the pilot test in 5 city neighbourhoods: Nova Esquerra Eixample, Antiga Esquerra Eixample, El Besòs-Maresme, La Verneda-La Pau and Sant Martí de Provençals. The target is to reach a figure of 400 users in these neighbourhoods and then, depending on the results of the test, gradually expand the service.