User and benefits

What is the profile of a Vincles BCN user?
− Aged 65 or over .
− Registered in Barcelona .
− Wants to maintain their active social relationships .
− Wants to expand their social relationships and acquaintances.
− Speaks Catalan and/or Spanish.

What does the Vincles service hope to achieve?
That the user might:
− Enjoy the benefits of communicating and relating with people in their circle and use ICTs for their social relationships .
Improve their quality of life .
− Feel more independent , as it will be easier for them to share their day-to-day life with their family thanks to ICTs.
− Find new motivations thanks to the group network , which will encourage activities in the neighbourhood based on their interests.
Feel connected and more digitally competent.
Increase their social support and opportunities for interaction by participating in Vincles user groups.