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Hearing impairment

If you have a hearing impairment, you may have varying degrees of difficulty hearing the sounds.

You may find that the videos and audio content are not subtitled or they have no transcribed text, depending on the context. Barcelona City Council is working to ensure subtitles are available on most of the audiovisuals offered to citizens through its web pages.

If you lost your hearing before having acquired verbal language, this impairment is often associated with speech difficulties, which affects perception and understanding of information presented orally. Therefore, in addition to the barrier to web accessibility described above you may be affected by the following barriers:

  • Lack of content in sign language.
  • Insufficient icons and pictograms to facilitate understanding of textual content.
  • Text that contains many infrequently used terms, complex syntax or is excessively long.

To be able to use web pages without barriers, you need to use simple vocabulary and short sentences, provide a diagram of very lengthy pieces of information, base the textual information on images, subtitle the audio content, provide a textual transcription, etc.