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Learning difficulties

If you have some kind of cognitive impairment you will come across more problems or barriers when you carry out tasks that need mental effort. These problems may be related to memory, resolving logical or mathematical problems, reading comprehension, image comprehension, attention span problems, learning difficulties and so on.

The accessibility barriers put up by a web page can be caused by a number of factors:

  • A process involving several steps with very little time for you to carry out each of the tasks.
  • Moving content, with constant flashing that cannot be stopped.
  • Insufficient icons or pictograms that help to understand the textual content.
  • Texts with unusual terms or jargon, complex syntax or excessively long sentences
  • Lack of clear instructions and labels to guide you in how to enter details on a form or when carrying out a process.

Problems related to memory, learning or logical problem solving can usually be resolved by using diagrams, clear and simple conceptual language, and notes or reminders in all stages of a process, plus using clear descriptions of the form fields where data has to be entered.