10:30 am to 12:00 pm23 October

Reunión de trabajo del equipo de Alcaldía

Place: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

10:00 am to 11:30 am24 October

Comisión de Gobierno

Place: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona


Speech by the Mayor at the UN

Meetings with the Mayor

Every fortnight I meet up with local residents from a different neighbourhood in Barcelona. Without any agenda or plan. I simply go there to listen to their personal and neighbourhood needs and to the complaints and proposals they have for the city. That way I can always stay connected to the reality of the people this municipal government aims to represent.

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20/10/2019 15:54h

Institutional declaration regarding the situation in the city following the prison sentences for pro-independence leaders

City Council. The Mayor, Ada Colau, has called for dialogue, rejecting violence and expressing concern for those injured during the protests in the city this week.

ada declaració institucional sentència liders independentistes

14/10/2019 14:28h

Institutional declaration about the sentence given to pro-independence leaders by the Spanish Supreme Court

City Council. Statement by the Mayor, Ada Colau, regarding the prison sentence handed down to pro-independence leaders by the Spanish Supreme Court.

ada colau cimera xarxa de ciutats c40 Copenhague

11/10/2019 14:23h

Putting an end to diesel use, doing away with single-use plastics and limiting flights

Environment. Proposals by Ada Colau at the World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen to combat the climate crisis.

08/10/2019 19:21h

Recognition for city police officers’ vocation to service

City Police. Medals and awards presented to police officers and other security corps and entities.