09:30 am to 10:30 am27 May

Visita Oficina Técnica Covid-19 de Bomberos

Place: C/ Esteve Terradas, 30

12:00 pm to 12:15 pm27 May

Minuto de silencio en recuerdo de las victimas del COVID-19

Place: Pl. Sant Jaume


The Mayor responds to young children​

Meetings with the Mayor

Every fortnight I meet up with local residents from a different neighbourhood in Barcelona. Without any agenda or plan. I simply go there to listen to their personal and neighbourhood needs and to the complaints and proposals they have for the city. That way I can always stay connected to the reality of the people this municipal government aims to represent.

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24/05/2020 13:18h

Stage 1: New measures and services

City Council. As from Monday,25 May, work will be done to guarantee safe mobility, adapt cleaning and waste collection services, re-open cemeteries and offer municipal services face-to-face.


24/05/2020 11:14h

Regaining public transport safely

Mobility. More frequent services, information on occupancy and controls on capacity are some of the measures TMB has adopted as the city moves onto Stage 1.


23/05/2020 14:12h

Mobility measures adapted for Stage 1

Mobility. Mobility measures in place for the state of emergency will start being reversed from Monday, 25 May, with a new increase in journeys expected.

17/05/2020 11:36h

New website to answer children’s queries arising from lockdown

COVID-19. The replies have been put together by professionals in psychology, teaching, work and social education.