08:30 am to 08:45 am1 December

Despliegue Tapiz del Dia Mundial del Sida

Place: Balcón del Ayuntamiento

10:30 am to 11:30 am1 December

Agenda en proceso

The Mayor responds to young children​ https://youtu.be/dO8DHW_jBlU

Meetings with the Mayor

Every fortnight I meet up with local residents from a different neighbourhood in Barcelona. Without any agenda or plan. I simply go there to listen to their personal and neighbourhood needs and to the complaints and proposals they have for the city. That way I can always stay connected to the reality of the people this municipal government aims to represent.

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13/11/2020 06:00h

Measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 extended

Covid-19. The measures will remain in force until 23 November.

Protegim les escoles entorns escolars pacificats

20/10/2020 14:48h

More traffic-free space for 78 schools

Protecting schools. The schools will have safer and healthier surroundings, benefitting more than 26,000 pupils and their families.

19/10/2020 15:09h

Cutting pollution would prevent a thousand deaths a year in the city

Air quality. The excess in pollution causes one in every three new cases of asthma among children and 11% of lung cancer cases.

Biennal de pensament, Ciutat Oberta, Cultura, Participació, Barcelona

18/10/2020 21:10h

Reflections shared with over sixteen thousand people in the Biennial of Thought 2020

Culture and free time. The second edition of the Biennial included 85 activities for debating and reflecting on the challenges of the open city.