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The Mayor responds to young children​ https://youtu.be/dO8DHW_jBlU

Meetings with the Mayor

Every fortnight I meet up with local residents from a different neighbourhood in Barcelona. Without any agenda or plan. I simply go there to listen to their personal and neighbourhood needs and to the complaints and proposals they have for the city. That way I can always stay connected to the reality of the people this municipal government aims to represent.

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Barcelona 13.01.2020 LÕalcaldessa de Bcn, Ada Colau, presenta un programa d'actuacions per protegir els entorns dels centres educatius de Barcelona. 

Foto Laura Guerrero/Ajuntament de Bcn.

28/07/2020 13:39h

Transforming areas around twenty schools

City Council. Work will be carried out at 22 schools in 2020, improving their surroundings and guaranteeing safety.

Balanç Serveis Socials covid-19

27/07/2020 14:05h

Over 44,000 people helped by Social Services since the start of the pandemic

Social Services. Twenty per cent of people had never needed to request this sort of help before.

26/07/2020 10:07h

Summer cleaning operation

Environment and sustainability. Priority will be given to public places such as squares, parks and green spaces.

Reforç agents cívics

25/07/2020 17:31h

More staff to raise awareness on the importance of prevention against Covid-19

COVID-19. The number of civic officers and information staff has been increased to 230 around the city.