11:00 am to 11:30 am11 May

Grabación entrevista

Place: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

11:30 am to 12:00 pm11 May

Agenda interna

Place: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona

Healthier and more sustainable dining rooms


"Healthier and more sustainable dining rooms" looks after the health of our children and our planet. Initially implemented at six schools, the initiative has spread to thirty more this year and will reach all the city’s schools in the next academic year.

Meetings with the Mayor

Every fortnight I meet up with local residents from a different neighbourhood in Barcelona. Without any agenda or plan. I simply go there to listen to their personal and neighbourhood needs and to the complaints and proposals they have for the city. That way I can always stay connected to the reality of the people this municipal government aims to represent.

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04/05/2021 15:29h

Grec Festival 2021: a hundred shows and more spaces for enjoying culture

Culture and free time. Culture returns to Barcelona’s summer nights from 27 June to 31 July, with the Grec Festival.

01/05/2021 11:55h

Declaration demanding the release of the aid worker Juana Ruiz

International cooperation. The Mayor of Barcelona sent a letter to the Israeli Ambassador to Spain to condemn the imprisonment.

29/04/2021 17:03h

More public housing in Nou Barris

Housing. Work starts on a block of 67 protected flats in Trinitat Nova.

Fem cultura

Pla de Drets Culturals de Barcelona

28/04/2021 14:30h

Guaranteeing cultural rights with ‘Fem cultura!’

Culture and free time. Nine measures and a hundred actions are to be implemented to ensure access to culture, participation and the right to contribute to cultural life.