12:00 pm to 12:30 pm26 March

Junta de Gobierno del Area Metropolitana de Barcelona

Place: Sede del Area Metropolitana de Barcelona

12:30 pm to 14:00 pm26 March

Consejo Metropolitano

Place: Sede del Area Metropolitana de Barcelona


Ada Colau: “We demand a fair and impartial trial for the social and political leaders.”

13/02/2019 12:50h

Opening speech for Santa Eulàlia: the city’s children want to have their say

Childhood. The manifesto for the winter version of the city’s local festival was written by nearly 900 pupils in their third, fourth or fifth year of primary education at 21 city schools.

Reunió d'alcaldes a Roma

11/02/2019 08:02h

Alliance with Italian cities to continue rescuing people in the Mediterranean

Rescue boats 'Open Arms', 'Aita Mari' and 'Sea Watch' are retained in different ports without being able to carry out marine rescue tasks.

Reivindicació de 400 alcaldes per un judici just i imparcial als líders polítics i independentistes

10/02/2019 15:18h

Municipal support for the political prisoners ahead of the trial

City Council. The Mayor sends a letter to European authorities expressing the institution’s concern over the guarantees offered by the trial.

19/01/2019 18:59h

The new LGBTI Centre opens as a pioneering space for sexual and gender diversity

LGBTI. The centre offers support and advice, as well as a culture and awareness programme for the general public.