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The Barcelona we want

Barcelona Superblock

Superilla Barcelona

We want to make Barcelona a more sustainable city that improves people’s quality of life, which is why we are promoting a very distinctive and unique project: Barcelona Superblock.

Developed in different parts of the city, the programme aims to reclaim the streets for the people, with more space for taking a stroll and getting involved in the neighbourhood, adding to the existing urban greenery and boosting local commerce. 

The successful superblocks model of Poblenou and Sant Antoni is now reaching as far as the Cerdà de l’Eixample section, bringing the locals a healthier public space with it. Eixample will be progressively creating a network of 21 green hubs and 21 neighbourhood squares. A total of 33.4 hectares of space will be opened up to the local people and there will be 6.6 more hectares of urban greenery.