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The Barcelona we want

Diverse and feminist city

Ciutat diversa i feminista

We want to be a city of freedom, respect and equality, where everybody can be who they want to and where this is something to be happy about and proud of. A diverse and feminist Barcelona.

We created the Councillor's Office for Feminism and LGBTI in 2015 and from here we drive cross-cutting feminist policies to achieve affective equality between men and women in Barcelona.

We have launched pioneering policies which set an example at an international level, such as the Barcelona Cuida project, a space for information and advice relating to care; the Concilia programme, a municipal child-minding service to facilitate work-life balance, and employment programmes for women from Barcelona Activa. We have also created the LGBTI Centre, a space for meeting, reflecting and giving visibility to sexual and gender diversity.

More information: Feminism.