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The Barcelona we want

Diversified and innovative economy

Economia diversificada i innovadora

We want to play a leading role in the post-Covid-19 era and to consolidate the city as the scientific and cultural capital of the Mediterranean, at the forefront of the European transition towards a greener and circular economy that will improve people's quality of life.

We are living in complex times. The pandemic has worsened existing problems such as increasing inequality and has spotlighted the urgent need to implement measures to make a fairer, more sustainable world. 

We must accelerate the transformation of our economic model, prioritising innovation, technology and the creation of quality jobs. Barcelona's economic transition is coming about through the re-promotion of 22@, the re-industrialization in green economy in the Besòs hub, the economic reactivation of the city centre, the recovery of the building trade through restoration initiatives, and the introduction of a new tourism model.

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