Chat with Anne Hidalgo

13 October 2016


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I'm travelling to Colombia and Ecuador this afternoon, to attend two important international summits. The first is in Bogotá, where I'll be taking part in the fifth congress of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the world's main city network. I will then move on to Quito where I'll be representing Barcelona and giving a speech at Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development.

I'll be meeting political representatives from around the world at both summits, including mayors of European cities I see eye to eye with, such as Manuela Carmena and Anne Hidalgo.

I actually took the opportunity to have a chat with Anne a few days ago and we discussed many of the issues that will be cropping up at these world forums, essentially covering the present and future challenges facing us as cities. Challenges for those of us who are calling on states and international bodies alike for greater autonomy and more resources.

Here is a video of our chat, which I regard as a good introduction to the issues we'll be putting on the table over the coming days: from the fight against climate change and the need to manage tourism, to taking in refugees and policies for ensuring people's right to housing.

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