3 February 2016



  • Decidim.Barcelona

This week, we have launched an ambitious participative process in order to improve the Municipal Action Plan (MAP) for the next four years, by including the contribution of all those who wish to exercise joint responsibility and contribute to the collective design of public policies. I encourage you to go to our Decidim.Barcelona site, make suggestions, debate, share the issue on social networks, and flood the internet so the discussion about what kind of city we want reaches the largest number of people possible. The participative process is so much more than just a digital platform: it proposes in-person debates in every neighbourhood in the city. The idea is that together we create a large-scale public debate, where face-to-face and digital participation interrelate and enrich one another.

The platform also uses the “.barcelona” domain name for the first time and has been created in open code, so that other cities can use and adapt it to their own requirements. We have always maintained that democracy involves much more than casting your vote once every four years, and that it only really exists when it is exercised and put into practice, day after day and from top to bottom. This is yet another tool to facilitate that participation (NB: anybody who wishes to actively participate may do so, but only those people who are registered in Barcelona may support the proposals).


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