8 March 2016



Today I want to congratulate all women on a day of struggle and demands for freedom and equal rights.

A day in memory of those brave women campaigners who have gone before us and in the hope our teenagers and young girls will continue fighting to live their lives without the fact of being a woman ever again being a restraint, but rather a source of pride.

The eighth of March is a day that acknowledges all the struggles we have waged in the face of a patriarchal society which divides and dehumanises all of us: men and women.

Allow me to use a metaphor: weaving nets has always been a woman's trade, one carried out on many beaches around the world even today. We weave material nets that help to ensure our safety and subsistence but, at the same time, we weave emotional nets based on a shared empathy and solidarity.

Those same nets of solidarity, love and hope that our grandmothers used to weave are those which, today, many women (together with a lot of men) are still weaving on the beaches of the Aegean Sea, on the roads of Europe, in the squares of many cities, because that is how we bring life into the world and how we continue to ensure it carries on.

So we can't keep quiet when we've just found out that European governments have decided to shut the door on refugees, lots of them women and girls fleeing war, hunger, rape, poverty, abuse and violence that are primarily the responsibility of men in other countries.

If the governments of Europe are incapable of defending their founding values, if they continue to deny the basic human rights of refugees, if in practice they continue supporting wars, bombing and rape, then we, the women of Europe, know the path we must take: to continue weaving networks of resistance, solidarity and life, because feminism is the unstoppable struggle of life against cruelty and death.

Long live 8 March
Long live the feminist crusade!

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