Neighbourhood Plan to fight against inequality

17 January 2016


Inequality , Neighbourhood

All the data confirm one thing: Barcelona is a rich city, where there is a lot of money, but it is becoming more and more unequal. That's why a citizen platform like ours won the elections: to make sure Barcelona is not just one of the prettiest cities in the world but also one of the fairest.

And that's what we have done since we came to power last June and started working on a social shock plan. We've increased rent subsidies, stopped hundreds of evictions, and tripled the employment plans, school meal subsidies, etc.

But that's not enough. We have to take it a step further, have a wide-reaching city plan that empowers the neighbourhoods the city has left behind, to make sure there is only one Barcelona and not two (one for the rich and one for the poor). Because an unequal city is not only unfair and ethically repugnant, it is a city that is insecure for everyone, a city that can fracture and will have trouble attracting investment and talent.

Never again will we have a Barcelona that is not proud of each and every one of its 73 neighbourhoods. Never again will we have a Barcelona that leaves any of its people behind. The announcement of a neighbourhood plan with an investment of €150 million for the 15 most impoverished neighbourhoods in the city is a good start and shows we are very clear about why we are here. To defend the common good, social cohesion and the prosperity of all.


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