Not in our name

8 February 2017


Civil rights , Democracy

Rajoy has offered his "sincere cooperation" with Donald Trump and, more specifically, to act as Trump's spokesperson, or mediator, in Europe and Latin America.

Mr. Rajoy, I tell you this: not in my name or in the name of Barcelona. We will not engage in "sincere cooperation" with someone who has banned the entry of individuals to his country based on their nationality or religion, who questions climate change, who threatens human rights that have cost lives to ensure, who belittles women, who mocks the press, and who insults us all with his arrogance.

I do not believe in Mr. Rajoy's skill as a mediator, especially given that he has not demonstrated it in conflicts closer to home. Indeed, there is no negotiating with those who put up walls. Why not follow the examples of Merkel and other European and world leaders who have not obsequiously submitted to policies that go against democratic values?

I remind you, Mr. Rajoy, that when Aznar offered to "unquestioningly cooperate" with George W. Bush, people in Barcelona, Madrid, and cities across the country took to the streets, united by the slogan: STOP THE WAR.

Let's be clear: we will not offer our "sincere cooperation" with Trump. Instead, we will offer it to the networks of mayors, cities, women, judges, associations, movements, artists, and professionals of all kinds from around the world who are organising to resist his policies.

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