Not a single woman more

13 July 2016



Something isn't working when a little girl has to hide a recorder in her sock to get society to believe what she's been shouting out loud for two years: that he father was abusing her. Something isn't working when a woman, in theory protected by a non-molestation order, is stabbed by her ex-husband in the care centre where she was forced to take her son so her abuser could see him.

Something isn't working when judges make little boys and girls live with the men who've shouted at, punched, humiliated and demoralised their mothers (I can't imagine being more terrified than those children, who no one listens to, no one respects). And something isn't working at all when even women who report their partners are murdered. Society isn't working. The community isn't working. The legal system isn't working. The prevention and protection policies aren't working.

We have a festering problem, a structural problem and it's called MACHISMO. 

Yet, at the same time, something's changing when an entire city takes to the streets during its festival to condemn male aggression. When the social media seethe with anger every time there is another case of the system failing and male chauvinism winning. When teenagers have the guts to talk about their abuse in public, when more and more women are becoming empowered, getting organised and helping each other. I'd even go as far as to say something is changing when a girl summons up the courage... and hides a recorder in her sock, knowing she has a right to be believed and protected. 

Barcelona City Council will devote all its energy to encouraging and supporting this change from below, a profound change of consciousness and a shift towards a community of brave, empowered women, and men who love us and respect as such. We will work to ensure abuse is identified, singled out, isolated and condemned by everyone of us. So not a single woman more is scared, alone, humiliated, shouted at, wounded, forced to submit, abused, etc.So there is not a single woman less because of machismo.


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