Responsible and fair procurement

7 June 2016



A few days ago we announced the City Council will not be signing any contracts with companies that use tax havens for tax evasion. Yesterday we announced we will be making it a priority to sign contracts with companies that offer their workers good employment conditions. Criteria such as a decent salary, parity between men and women and employing young and old people will have a positive effect on our decision to work with on one company or another. As will a company's commitment to the environment. There is no point to declaring ourselves ecological if we later end up being flexible with companies that pollute the environment. During our campaign we pledged our commitment to creating a seal of quality in public procurement. Smaller and medium-size companies and cooperatives presently unable to compete will be able to work for the City Council, with such work also representing prestige for them: it will mean they are companies that give people stable employment and do not pollute the city.


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