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14 November 2016 - Civil rights, Economy, International

Barcelona against illegal coltan trading

Last night we travelled to the Congo for an hour with Salvados. Thank you once again, Jordi Évole and your team, for that bold and much-needed programme that enters our dining rooms and conscience every Sunday evening, showing how TV can be a tool for criticism and change. But being witness to horrors we are partly responsible for must not make us feel powerless or guilty to the point of paralysis.All of us, wherever we are, can act. On an...

29 May 2016 - Economy

Response to Rajoy

Rajoy says that we, the new mayors of Madrid and Barcelona, are putting the country's economy at risk. Right! That's from the man who has been Spain's prime minister since 2011, and presided over the worst cuts and the financial rescue; from the highest representative of the most corrupt party in the history of democracy. And from the man who wants to govern with a grand coalition, alongside the (socialist) PSOE and (conservative) Cs, to...

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