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13 July 2016 - Feminism

Not a single woman more

Something isn't working when a little girl has to hide a recorder in her sock to get society to believe what she's been shouting out loud for two years: that he father was abusing her. Something isn't working when a woman, in theory protected by a non-molestation order, is stabbed by her ex-husband in the care centre where she was forced to take her son so her abuser could see him.

Something isn't working when judges make little boys...

8 March 2016 - Feminism


Today I want to congratulate all women on a day of struggle and demands for freedom and equal rights.

A day in memory of those brave women campaigners who have gone before us and in the hope our teenagers and young girls will continue fighting to live their lives without the fact of being a woman ever again being a restraint, but rather a source of pride.

The eighth of March is a day that acknowledges all the struggles we have...

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