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3 July 2018 - Europe, Housing, Municipalism, Right to the City

Cities with life

As the mayors of London and Barcelona, we see an emergency coming. The way housing works must be changed.

For a number of years, cities around the world have been facing increasingly global and aggressive speculation in their property markets – from speculators who see housing in our cities as an asset from which to profit, rather than homes for the people we represent.

In many cases, speculators take decisions from...

3 March 2016 - Housing

An announcement and a denunciation

Yesterday we held an important City Council press conference on housing that included an announcement and a denunciation:

1. The announcement:
In addition to the 200 flats handed over by SAREB [the Bark Restructuring Asset Management Agency] a few months ago, we have added a further 255 flats to the social housing stock, properties which come from transfers and acquisitions. Therefore, in the 8 months we have been in power, we...

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