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19 March 2018 - Human Rights, Refuge City

Saving lives is not a crime

Today I’ve been at the Port of Barcelona with Oscar Camps from Proactiva Open Arms to speak out about the situation of a vessel that has been detained in the Italian port of Pozzallo in Sicily. This group does essential humanitarian work, saving the lives of women, men, babies, the sick and those fleeing torture, rape, starvation and death. Incredibly, whilst carrying out such important work, the Italian prosecutor has today impounded their...

19 May 2016 - Refuge City, Right to the City

Cooperation between cities in the UN

When I spoke at the UN headquarters, I spoke on behalf of Europe's cities of the need to overcome the crisis of confidence in the institutions through cooperation, not competition, of the role that cities could play in the new order of priorities, of the renewed energy that movements such as 15M, the Arab springs, Occupy Wall Street and Nuit Debout give to democracy. I called for support and offered ours so that, together, we might put life...

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