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7 June 2016 - Transparency

Responsible and fair procurement

A few days ago we announced the City Council will not be signing any contracts with companies that use tax havens for tax evasion. Yesterday we announced we will be making it a priority to sign contracts with companies that offer their workers good employment conditions. Criteria such as a decent salary, parity between men and women and employing young and old people will have a positive effect on our decision to work with on one company or...

25 February 2016 - Culture, Transparency

Public processes for cultural centres

From now on, the directors of Barcelona's cultural centres will be chosen through a public process, instead of being handpicked. I use this news as an example to illustrate how we are changing things and moving towards more ethical and transparent politics, which we are extending throughout the municipal government's operational areas as well as all companies that offer public services.

We have done more for transparency in 8 months...

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