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23 February 2016 - Accountability, Civil rights

A complicated week

Recently, because of the metro strike in Barcelona, I have been reading things like "Colau is on the other side now", as if “Mayor Ada” were a completely different person from “Ada the activist”.

In all sincerity, that is not how I see it. Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, I'm the same person. Obviously, as Mayor, I now have different responsibilities from those I had before, but I am motivated by exactly the same things I always was...

20 September 2015 - Accountability, Municipalism

City of rights

Exactly one hundred days ago we formed Barcelona's new city government. These three months have been particularly busy: we have had to immerse ourselves in the dynamics of power while pressing ahead with our programme, to overcome the paralysis the city had found itself in and heal the wounds inflicted by the crisis on our social and urban fabric. We would have been hard-pressed to do so without the collaboration and help of the municipal...

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