26 February 2016


Refuge City

  • ViesSegures

From the cities of Europe, we want to send a message to the world: We are deeply ashamed of the way human beings without shelter are dying while they try to save their lives at our doors. Refuge is not a destination, it should start along the way. We will not remain impassive in the face of the EU and its member states' immobility in terms of coping with the refugee crisis: the cities demand ‪#‎ViasSeguras [SafeRoads], routes free of mafias, people traffickers, barbed-wire fences, sinking boats, and life jackets that don't save lives.‬‬
For months now, Barcelona has been prepared to welcome people who have not yet arrived, because of dehumanised policies that do not represent this city's residents. The same residents who have organised a demonstration tomorrow, just one of over a hundred marches that will take place simultaneously in different European cities. I am proud of a city that has rebelled against injustice and mobilised itself to show the world its commitment to life and human rights. I can only join the march and encourage everyone I can to brave the cold and join the demonstration today at 12 noon, in front of the European Union offices (Passeig de Gràcia 90).

# ViesSegures
# yovoypasajeseguro
# SafePassage

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