Official statement condemning the terrorist attack on La Rambla

18 August 2017 - Democracy

Aquest dijous s’han perpetrat a Catalunya un seguit d’atemptats terroristes que han provocat desenes de víctimes. A la Rambla de Barcelona, gent de moltes nacionalitats i de totes les edats, persones i famílies que passejaven i gaudien de la nostra ciutat, han resultat ferides i mortes.

Aquestes famílies podrien ser les de cada barceloní i barcelonina. En realitat, són les nostres famílies.

Davant aquests cops d...

Action plan for employment

10 February 2017 - Employment, Labor Rights

In combating unemployment, we are fighting to do more than create just any jobs. We are fighting to create jobs that allow people to live with dignity.

This is one of the goals we have set out to achieve, and it's why we will devote 37 million euros to an Action Plan that prioritizes employment for young people, the long-term unemployed, women, and those with the greatest difficulty in accessing the job market.

One of the main...

Not in our name

8 February 2017 - Civil rights, Democracy

Rajoy has offered his "sincere cooperation" with Donald Trump and, more specifically, to act as Trump's spokesperson, or mediator, in Europe and Latin America.

Mr. Rajoy, I tell you this: not in my name or in the name of Barcelona. We will not engage in "sincere cooperation" with someone who has banned the entry of individuals to his country based on their nationality or religion, who questions climate change, who threatens human...

On the ranking by the magazine Politico

7 December 2016 - International

Hoy la publicación Politico publica un ranking de personas influyentes en el que me han elegido como la quinta persona más influyente de Europa. Ante todo quiero decir que el sentido de estos rankings y encuestas es señalar tendencias, y sólo así quiero interpretar esta elección: no soy yo, sino el proceso transformador del que soy una de las caras visibles, pero que protagoniza la gente que lo está empujando desde abajo. No soy yo, sino el...

Barcelona against illegal coltan trading

14 November 2016 - Civil rights, Economy, International

Last night we travelled to the Congo for an hour with Salvados. Thank you once again, Jordi Évole and your team, for that bold and much-needed programme that enters our dining rooms and conscience every Sunday evening, showing how TV can be a tool for criticism and change. But being witness to horrors we are partly responsible for must not make us feel powerless or guilty to the point of paralysis.All of us, wherever we are, can act. On an...

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