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Contact the Mayor

Being in contact with local people is a priority for the Mayor, hence this space where you can share with her your ideas and proposals for improving the city.

Check to see if the procedure you wish to conduct is covered by one of these means of direct contact with Barcelona City Council:

  • If you want to report an incident in public space, you can do this here.

  • If you want to lodge a challenge or claim or dispute a fine, you can do this here.

  • If you want information on rent subsidies or rental property pools, you can do this here.

  • If you are a business or an entrepreneur and you want to offer the City Council your services, you can do this here.

  • If you want to check the status of a request, you can do this here.

Requests addressed to the Mayor

Requests addressed to the Mayor: complaints, suggestions, requests for interviews, requests, presentation of writings ...

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The data will be forwarded to the body or entity competent to resolve the issue and the processing will finish once the service forming the subject matter of the complaint has been restored, a response has been given to the citizen or the department making the decision decides to commence administrative proceedings.

Where such administrative proceedings are commenced on the department's own initiative, based on the information provided in your communication, the personal data collected in this form will not be included in the proceedings unless you give your consent to that.

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